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Upkar Hariyana Samanya Gyan EK Drishti Main New Edition By Sanjay Suman In Hindi

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  • Publication: Upkar Prakashan
  • Author: Sanjay Suman
  • ASIN No: 9788174820518
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
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Upkar Hariyana Samanya Gyan EK Drishti Main New Edition By Sanjay Suman In Hindi

The book ” Upkar Hariyana Samanya Gyan EK Drishti Main” by Sanjay Suman is an essential resource for anyone preparing for competitive exams in Haryana. This new edition has been meticulously updated to include the latest information and insights pertinent to the state’s general knowledge. Sanjay Suman, a renowned author in the field of competitive examination books, has ensured that this edition covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant to Haryana’s history, geography, culture, economy, and political landscape.

Key Features of Upkar Haryana Samanya Gyan:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book provides an in-depth analysis of various aspects of Haryana, including its historical background, geographical features, economic developments, and cultural heritage.
  2. Updated Content: This new edition incorporates recent developments and current affairs to ensure that readers are well-prepared for the latest exam patterns and questions.
  3. Exam-Oriented Approach: Each chapter is designed to address the specific needs of competitive exam aspirants, making it easier to grasp and retain essential information.
  4. Practice Questions: At the end of each chapter, practice questions are provided to help students assess their understanding and improve their retention of key facts.
  5. Visual Aids: The inclusion of maps, charts, and diagrams enhances the learning experience, making complex information more accessible.

Alternative Names to Identify the Book:

  • Upkar Haryana General Knowledge New Edition
  • Upkar Haryana GK by Sanjay Suman
  • Upkar Haryana Samanya Gyan Latest Edition
  • Haryana General Knowledge Book by Sanjay Suman
  • Upkar’s Comprehensive Guide to Haryana GK

Content Overview:

The book begins with an introduction to Haryana’s rich historical legacy, tracing its roots from ancient times to modern-day significance. It delves into the geographical diversity of the state, detailing its rivers, mountains, climate, and natural resources. The economic section discusses the state’s industrial growth, agricultural practices, and economic policies that have shaped its development.

In the cultural section, readers will find insights into Haryana’s festivals, traditions, languages, and arts. The political landscape is thoroughly examined, providing a clear understanding of the state’s administrative structure and governance. Special emphasis is placed on current affairs, ensuring that readers are up-to-date with the latest events and developments in Haryana.

For anyone looking to enhance their preparation for Haryana state exams, “Upkar Haryana Samanya Gyan EK Drishti Main” by Sanjay Suman is the ultimate guide. This book, also known as Upkar Haryana General Knowledge, offers a comprehensive and updated approach to mastering the general knowledge of Haryana. Whether referred to as Upkar Haryana GK by Sanjay Suman or Haryana General Knowledge Book by Sanjay Suman, this latest edition is a valuable asset for all aspirants. The visual aids and practice questions further enrich the learning experience, making it a must-have for anyone serious about excelling in their competitive exams.

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