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Shri Ganga Chalisa Pujan Vidhi Shri Ganga Ji Ke 108 Naam Shri Gangashtkam Aarti Sahit By Brajdham Prakashan

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  • Publication: Brajdham Prakashan
  • Author: Team Brajdham Prakashan
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
  • Page: 32 Pages
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Shri Ganga Chalisa Pujan Vidhi Shri Ganga Ji Ke 108 Naam Shri Gangashtkam Aarti Sahit By Brajadham Prakashan

Dive into the sacred realms of devotion with “Shri Ganga Chalisa: Pujan Vidhi, 108 Naam, Gangashtkam, Aarti Sahit,” a spiritual treasure trove meticulously crafted by Brajadham Prakashan. This comprehensive guidebook encapsulates the essence of reverence towards the divine Ganga River, offering devotees a profound journey of worship and adoration.

At the heart of this book lies the revered Shri Ganga Chalisa, a collection of forty verses composed in praise of Goddess Ganga. Each verse resonates with devotion, celebrating the divine attributes and benevolence of Mother Ganga. The Chalisa serves as a powerful tool for devotees to connect with the spiritual energy of the sacred river and seek blessings for purification and salvation.

In addition to the Chalisa, the book features an elaborate Pujan Vidhi, providing step-by-step instructions for performing the sacred worship rituals dedicated to Goddess Ganga. From the preparation of offerings to the recitation of mantras, every aspect of the puja is elucidated to facilitate a deeply meaningful and authentic worship experience.

Furthermore, Shri Ganga Chalisa readers will discover the significance of the 108 Naam of Shri Ganga Ji, each name representing a unique aspect of the goddess’s divine presence and grace. Through the chanting of these sacred names, devotees can invoke the blessings of Goddess Ganga and cultivate a profound spiritual connection with her eternal flow.

The inclusion of Gangashtkam adds another layer of devotion to the book, with eight powerful verses extolling the glory and magnificence of the Ganga River. These verses evoke a sense of awe and reverence, capturing the sublime beauty and spiritual significance of Mother Ganga.

To enhance the devotional experience, the book also incorporates Aarti Sahit, a collection of hymns and prayers sung in praise of Goddess Ganga during the ritual of Aarti. These melodious compositions evoke a sense of divine presence, uplifting the soul and fostering a deeper connection with the sacred river.

In essence, “Shri Ganga Chalisa: Pujan Vidhi, 108 Naam, Gangashtkam, Aarti Sahit” by Brajadham Prakashan is more than just a book; it is a spiritual companion that guides devotees on a transformative journey of devotion and worship. With its rich content and comprehensive offerings, this book serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards spiritual fulfillment and divine grace.

Alternative Names:

  1. Ganga Chalisa Guidebook
  2. Devotional Worship of Goddess Ganga
  3. The Essence of Ganga Reverence
  4. Ganga Puja Manual and Devotional Hymns
  5. Divine Invocation: Shri Ganga Ji’s Blessings

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