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SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas Prachin Madhyakalin Adhunik Book In Hindi

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  • Publication: SD Publication
  • Author: P P Gupta
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
  • Page: 196
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SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas Prachin Madhyakalin Adhunik Book In Hindi

“SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas: Prachin Madhyakalin Adhunik” is an extensive and meticulously crafted history book that delves into the rich and diverse past of India. Published by SD Publications, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring the comprehensive history of India, spanning the ancient, medieval, and modern periods.

This book is not just a mere collection of historical facts; it is a detailed narrative that brings to life the cultural, political, and social evolution of India. From the earliest civilizations that flourished in the Indus Valley to the complex tapestry of medieval kingdoms and the transformative era of British colonial rule, “SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas” covers it all. The book is written in Hindi, making it accessible to a wide range of readers who prefer to engage with history in their native language.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The SD Publications Bharat Ka Itihas covers all significant periods of Indian history, including ancient, medieval, and modern eras, ensuring a complete understanding of the historical timeline.
  2. Detailed Narratives: Each chapter is enriched with detailed narratives that make historical events come alive, providing readers with a vivid picture of India’s past.
  3. Illustrative Content: The inclusion of maps, photographs, and illustrations enhances the learning experience, making complex historical events easier to understand.
  4. Academic Rigor: Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas Authored by experts in the field, the book maintains high academic standards, making it suitable for students, educators, and history enthusiasts alike.

Alternative Names :

  1. “SD Publications Bharat Ka Itihas: Prachin, Madhyakalin aur Adhunik Yug”
  2. “Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas by SD Publications”
  3. “SD Publications Complete History of India: Ancient, Medieval, Modern”
  4. “SD Publications Hindi Itihas Book: India’s Past”
  5. “SD Publications Indian History: Ancient to Modern Era”
  6. ” Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas in Hindi”
  7. “Comprehensive History of India by SD Publications”
  8. “SD Publications Indian Historical Periods: Ancient, Medieval, Modern”
  9. “SD Publications Hindi History Book: Complete Bharat Itihas”
  10. “SD Publications: Detailed History of India in Hindi”


“SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas: Prachin Madhyakalin Adhunik” is more than just a history book; it is a gateway to understanding the vast and intricate history of India. Whether you are a student preparing for exams, a history enthusiast, or an educator seeking a reliable resource, this book is an essential addition to your library. The detailed and engaging content, coupled with the use of Hindi, makes it a unique and valuable resource for delving into the rich history of India.

For those looking to enhance their understanding of India’s historical journey from ancient civilizations to modern times, “SD Publications Sampurn Bharat Ka Itihas” is the definitive guide. Embrace the opportunity to explore India’s past with this comprehensive and well-structured book, available now from SD Publications.

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