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Saptvar Vrat Katha Book Saral Hindi Bhasha Saptah Ke 7 Dino Ki Vrat Ki Kathaye Vrat Karne Ki Vidhi Aur Aartiyan By Brajdham Prakashan

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  • Publication: Brajdham Prakashan
  • Author: Team Brajdham Prakashan
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
  • Page: 72 Pages

Sarvdev Aarti Sangrah Sabhi Pramukh Devi Devataon Ki Aartiyon Ka Utkrsht Sangrah By Brajdham Prakashan

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Saptvar Vrat Katha Book Saral Hindi Bhasha Saptah Ke 7 Dino Ki Vrat Ki Kathaye Vrat Karne Ki Vidhi Aur Aartiyan By Brajdham Prakashan

The Saptvar Vrat Katha Book is a special religious text that presents stories, methods, and aartis of the seven-day fasts in simple Hindi language. This book is extremely useful for devotees who wish to maintain religious discipline in their lives while improving their mental and physical well-being.

Summary of the Stories:

  1. Monday Vrat Katha – Worship and fasting on this day dedicated to Lord Shiva fulfill all desires.
  2. Tuesday Vrat Katha – Fasting and worshiping Hanuman Ji on this day grants courage and strength to the devotees.
  3. Wednesday Vrat Katha – Worshiping and fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesha on this day brings intelligence and prosperity.
  4. Thursday Vrat Katha – Devotees gain knowledge and piety by worshiping and fasting for Lord Vishnu on this day.
  5. Friday Vrat Katha – Worshiping and fasting for Goddess Lakshmi on this day brings wealth and happiness.
  6. Saturday Vrat Katha – Devotees are relieved from hardships by fasting and worshiping Shani Dev on this day.
  7. Sunday Vrat Katha – Fasting and worshiping Surya Dev on this day enhances health and self-confidence.

Fasting Methods:

Each fast follows specific methods and rules. Preparation for fasting includes waking up early in the morning, bathing, wearing clean clothes, cleaning the worship area, and establishing the deity’s idol or picture. On the fasting day, the devotee should observe celibacy and consume a sattvic diet.


This book also includes aartis for each deity, allowing devotees to complete their worship after the fast. Performing aarti invites the deity’s blessings, bringing peace and prosperity into life.

Alternative Names for Saptvar Vrat Katha Book:

  1. Saptvar Vrat Katha Collection
  2. 7 Day Fast Stories and Methods
  3. Saptvar Vrat Stories and Aartis
  4. Weekly Fast Stories Book
  5. Seven Day Fast Stories in Hindi
  6. Simple Hindi Fast Stories

Published by Brajdham Prakashan, a renowned name in religious publications, this book not only strengthens religious faith but also clearly explains the importance and benefits of the seven-day fasts. Every household should have this book to ensure that all members can follow their religious duties and receive the grace of God.

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