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NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book 2024 Hindi and English Medium By Manisha Bansal Maam


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  • Publication: Neon Classes
  • Author: Manisha Bansal
  • Edition: 2024
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi / English
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NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book 2024 Hindi and English Medium By Manisha Bansal Maam

Looking to boost your vocabulary skills in both Hindi and English? Look no further than the NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book 2024, authored by the renowned educator Manisha Bansal Maam. This comprehensive guide is designed to help students expand their vocabulary by mastering root words, a fundamental aspect of language learning.

Key Features of NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book 2024:

  1. Root Words Mastery: Root words are the building blocks of vocabulary, and this book focuses on helping students understand and master them effectively. By learning root words, students can decipher the meanings of complex words, enhance their comprehension skills, and expand their vocabulary exponentially.
  2. Bilingual Content: The book is available in both Hindi and English Medium, catering to the diverse needs of students. Whether you prefer studying in Hindi or English, you can access the content seamlessly and improve your vocabulary skills in your preferred language.
  3. Authoritative Authorship: Authored by Manisha Bansal Maam, an esteemed educator known for her expertise in language teaching, the book offers reliable and high-quality content. With her guidance, students can trust the accuracy and relevance of the material presented, ensuring a fruitful learning experience.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: The NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book covers a wide range of root words, along with their meanings, origins, and usage in context. From common prefixes and suffixes to lesser-known roots, students receive comprehensive coverage of essential vocabulary-building elements.
  5. Practical Exercises and Examples: The book includes practical exercises and examples to reinforce learning and facilitate active engagement. Through these exercises, students can apply their knowledge of root words, test their understanding, and hone their vocabulary skills effectively.
  6. Ideal for Competitive Exams: Mastering vocabulary is crucial for success in various competitive exams, including entrance exams, government job exams, and more. The NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book equips students with the linguistic skills needed to excel in such exams and achieve their academic and career goals.

In conclusion, NEON Classes Word Power Root Words Book 2024 by Manisha Bansal Maam is a must-have resource for students looking to enhance their vocabulary skills in both Hindi and English. With its comprehensive coverage, authoritative authorship, and practical approach, this book empowers students to unlock the full potential of their language proficiency and succeed in their academic endeavors.

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