Gitapress Shri Durga Saptshati Mool Bhag Path Vidhi Sahit In Sanskrit Language Code 876

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  • Publication: Gitapress Gorakhpur
  • Author: Team Gitapress
  • Book Code:876
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
  • Page: 224
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Gitapress Shri Durga Saptshati Mool Bhag Path Vidhi Sahit In Sanskrit Language Code 876

Unlock the divine secrets of the revered scripture, “Shri Durga Saptshati,” with the timeless edition meticulously crafted by Gitapress. Dive into the sacred verses of this ancient text, adorned with meticulous attention to detail, in the original Sanskrit language. Enriched with path-vidhi (ritual procedures) and presented under the esteemed banner of Code 876, this edition is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment for seekers of all paths.

The “Shri Durga Saptshati” is a profound composition extolling the glory and prowess of Goddess Durga, the divine embodiment of strength and compassion. Comprising seven hundred verses divided into three sections, this scripture encapsulates the triumph of good over evil through the valorous deeds of the Goddess.

Within the pages of this edition, each verse resonates with the power of devotion and invokes the blessings of the divine Mother. The path-vidhi provided ensures that readers can engage in the sacred recitation of the verses with utmost reverence and adherence to tradition.

Moreover, the Sanskrit language, revered as the language of the gods, adds an unparalleled aura of sanctity to the verses of “Shri Durga Saptshati.” As you immerse yourself in the rhythmic cadence of the verses, you’ll feel a deep connection to the ancient wisdom enshrined within.

Whether you seek spiritual solace, divine protection, or simply wish to explore the profound teachings of the Goddess, this edition serves as a guiding light on your spiritual journey. Each verse is a potent mantra, capable of invoking the blessings of Goddess Durga and ushering in transformative change in your life.


Experience the transcendental power of “Shri Durga Saptshati” in its purest form. Order your copy of Gitapress’ Sanskrit edition today (Code 876) and immerse yourself in the divine vibrations of the sacred verses. Let Goddess Durga’s grace illuminate your path and lead you to spiritual fulfillment.

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