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51 Chalisa Path Sangrah Pramukh Devi Devataon Ke Chalison Ka Anupam Sangrah Aartiyon Sahit By Prashant Book Sales

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  • Publication: Prashant Book Sales
  • Author: Team Prashant Book Sales
  • Edition: New
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: Hindi
  • Page: 288
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51 Chalisa Path Sangrah Pramukh Devi Devataon Ke Chalison Ka Anupam Sangrah Aartiyon Sahit By Prashant Book Sales

“51 Chalisa Path Sangrah” is an invaluable collection that encompasses the devotional hymns dedicated to prominent deities in Hinduism. Compiled meticulously by Prashant Book Sales, this anthology not only serves as a spiritual guide but also as a comprehensive resource for devotees seeking to immerse themselves in the divine recitations known as ‘Chalisa’. Each Chalisa, a 40-verse hymn, is a powerful medium to connect with various deities, invoking their blessings and grace.

This book is an exemplary guide for those who wish to delve deeper into the practice of reciting Chalisa. The ’51 Chalisa Path Sangrah’ includes hymns dedicated to deities such as Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, and many more. Each Chalisa is presented with its respective Aarti, making this collection a complete devotional toolkit. The inclusion of Aartis further enriches the reader’s spiritual experience, allowing them to perform their worship rituals with precision and reverence.

Alternative Names :

  1. Devi Devata Chalisa Sangrah
  2. Hindu Devotional Hymns Collection
  3. Chalisa and Aarti Compilation
  4. 51 Hindu Deities Chalisa Book
  5. Comprehensive Chalisa Path Guide
  6. Devotional Chalisa Path Anthology
  7. Pramukh Devi Devataon Ke Chalisa Path
  8. Chalisa and Aarti Sangrah by Prashant Book Sales
  9. Anupam Chalisa Collection
  10. 51 Divine Hymns and Aartis Compilation

The 51 Chalisa Path Sangrah serves as a vital spiritual resource, guiding devotees through the profound and serene paths of devotion. Each Chalisa is crafted to invoke the divine essence of various deities, fostering a deep sense of spiritual connection. This collection is particularly beneficial for those who wish to perform regular worship and seek to understand the deeper meanings of these sacred hymns.

Why Choose This Book?

  • Comprehensive Collection: This anthology covers a wide range of deities, providing hymns for various aspects of life and spirituality.
  • Easy to Follow: Each Chalisa is presented in a simple and accessible format, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned devotees to follow.
  • Accompanied Aartis: The 51 Chalisa Path Sangrah inclusion of Aartis allows for a complete worship experience, making this book a one-stop solution for daily devotional practices.
  • Expert Compilation: Compiled by Prashant Book Sales, known for their dedication to providing high-quality spiritual literature.


For those seeking a profound and enriching spiritual journey, “51 Chalisa Path Sangrah” by Prashant Book Sales is an essential companion. This book not only facilitates a deeper connection with the divine but also enhances the daily devotional practices of its readers. Whether you are looking to start your day with a prayer or seeking solace in difficult times, this collection offers the perfect blend of hymns and aartis to support your spiritual growth.

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