world focus magazine is a premier Indo-Centric Foreign Affairs Journal. It is also a Peer-Reviewed/Refereed Research Journal that takes up every month one international issue and provides an analysis of its various aspects by persons well known for their specializations in the subject. The issues covered are topical or near topical but of abiding interest and contemporary relevance.

It is one of the leading journals of India with international outreach and is known for publishing benchmark articles with in-depth analysis. World Focus was launched in 1980 with an objective to provide a platform where issues pertaining to international politics and international relations could be raised and discussed in context with its implications on Indian Foreign Policy and Indian polity as a whole.

The Journal has gained a substantial amount of maturity in its content over the years and has been appreciated well by readers across the cross-section of civil society.

The journal intends to provide a platform to discuss, debate, and provide solutions through meaningful exchange of ideas and alternatives on contemporary issues of global importance and outreach, contextualizing its implications for India. It encourages research articles that are descriptive and analytical with relevant theoretical underpinnings.

world focus magazine welcomes articles from Academics, Journalists, Scholars, Opinion-makers, Policy-analysts, Bureaucrats, Army Officers, and other relevant professionals with a strong flavor for research and analysis.

Articles submitted are subjected to “Blind Peer Review” and are also referred to related experts on particular subjects. Articles are evaluated on the basis of the ideas, innovation, creativity, quality, understanding, analyses, and language. The peer review policy is delineated below.

The Editor bears the responsibility for the selection and rejection of the research article to be published; whereas authors are responsible for the facts, figures, and views in their article. The Editor also reserves the right to edit the articles for reasons of space, clarity, and norms of the research journal.

Today, world focus magazine is a trusted source for scholars and policy analysts to understand contemporary India’s growth model and foreign policy perspectives. Many think tanks across the world, regularly catalog and use WF as source material for preparing papers on political risk analysis.

World Focus, today, is at yet another exciting phase of transition. We take the opportunity to build on past successes and use new media to serve decision-makers in business, finance, and government in ways that would further establish World Focus as the leader in its field.

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