E Drishti IAS magazines are very important when compared with any magazine. The magazine has a synopsis of important news (mostly) from various sources apart from newspaper-like PRS Monthly Review, Ministry websites, etc.

E Drishti is out around the 12th of every month. Do not read it in one go. Finish it section-wise like Polity and IR one day then Art & Culture and Environment the other day. Some content is already known to you through newspapers, so not much time is required there.

Also, you need not make notes of everything. Simply highlight the important part.

Why DRISHTI Magzine is important

1. Starting the magazine is with a toppers interview that might motivate you.

2. Essay contents are quite good.

3. Important editorials of leading newspapers like the Hindus, and The Indian Express, are also explained in simple languages.

4. Includes a series for upcoming pre/mains oriented topics of last year’s compilation that can help you in your revision.

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